Top 10 slowest & fastest London streets for internet speed

New speed tests have revealed the 10 slowest streets for broadband in London, as well as the 10 roads with the fastest broadband in the capital, and the results are mixed for residents in south London.

Wandsworth, Lewisham and Greenwich all feature locations in the shameful list of slowest internet in London, but both Wandsworth and Greenwich also feature some of the fastest.

As households became ever more reliant on their home broadband during lockdown,, the comparison and switching service, undertook analysis of a record-breaking 398,973 consumer speed tests.

The results show that unfortunate residents of Rookstone Road in Wandsworth suffer internet speed which is a staggering 32 times slow than that of another road in the same borough.

Surrey Comet:

Rookstone Road placed as the third slowest street in all of London when it comes to internet speed with an average download speed (Mbps), of just 3.63.

In contrast, residents of Franche Court Road, just a 25 minute walk away, records an average speed of 118.73, the second highest in the capital.

Lewisham’s Seymour Gardens took the unenviable fourth place spot, with an average speed of 6.14 Mbps and residents there have to make do without superfast or ultrafast broadband as both are unavailable in the area.

Surrey Comet:

And Gurdon Road in Greenwich recorded a download speed of 6.14, the ninth slowest in London.

But nearby neighbours in Littlemede are able to enjoy a massive 67.69 Mpbs download speed, the 8th quickest in London.

Surrey Comet:

Here is the full list:

London’s ten slowest streets for broadband

Rank Street Name and Location Average download speed (Mbps)

1 Dufferin Street, Islington 3.15

2 Roundwood Terrace, Vartry Road, Haringey 3.28

3 Rookstone Road, Wandsworth 3.63

4 Seymour Gardens, Lewisham 3.80

5 Rathcoole Avenue, Haringey 4.50

6 Belgrave Road, Waltham Forest 4.84

7 Serbin Close, Waltham Forest 5.48

8 Gurdon Road, Greenwich 6.14

9 Carlton Road, Barnet 6.28

10 Hornsey Road, Islington 6.50

London’s ten fastest streets for broadband

Rank Street Name and Location Average download speed (Mbps)

1 Junction Road, Enfield 141.30

2 Franche Court Road, Wandsworth 118.73

3 Central Park Road, Newham 107.12

4 Dulwich Road, Lambeth 106.12

5 Ashbourne Avenue, Barnet 73.58

6 St. Kilda Road, Ealing 70.66

7 Athol Square, Tower Hamlets 67.75

8 Littlemede, Greenwich 67.69

9 Cranley Gardens, Enfield 66.37

10 Sherbrooke Road, Hammersmith and Fulham 66.28

The good news is that the number of broadband users enjoying faster speeds is growing. More than half of users (54%) now get speeds of more than 30Mbps, up from under a quarter (22%) five years ago.

But despite the fact that superfast broadband (downloads speeds of 30Mbps or more) is available to 95% of the country, a recent Uswitch survey found that only six in ten (60%) believe they can access it in their local area.

Nationally, Queens Road in Weybridge, Surrey, was crowned as the UK’s slowest street for broadband with average download speeds of 0.12Mbps, which is 5,330 times slower than Dale Lane in Appleton, Cheshire, which boasts average speeds of 639.67Mbps.

Surrey Comet:

It would take the unfortunate residents of Queens Road more than 119 hours to download a two-hour HD film and at least 44 hours to download a 45-minute HD TV show.

By contrast, the people of Dale Lane would take just one minute and 20 seconds to download the same film or a mere 30 seconds to download the same show.

For many, it’s a story of the broadband haves and have-nots living side by side.

In Surrey, residents on Woodcote Lane, Purley, enjoy ultrafast speeds of 206.45Mbps, while one of the country’s worst streets, Spencer Road in Caterham, is just 17 minutes’ drive away — with download times 372 times slower at 0.55Mbps.

Last year, the fastest street was only 830 times quicker than the slowest, suggesting the rise of ultrafast broadband is increasing the UK’s digital divide.

Nearly 400,000 speed tests recorded — a 225% increase on last year — as locked-down households became ever more reliant on their home broadband, and urges frustrated consumers to check what speeds they are getting and see if quicker broadband is available.

Ernest Doku, broadband expert at, says: “The digital divide that runs through Britain has grown dramatically in the last year, with the fastest street’s broadband more than 5,000 times quicker than the slowest’s.

“It’s interesting to see that the North claims the fastest street this year, while the slowest street is in the South East, showing that the speed of your connection has nothing to do with where you live.

“It’s great that more of us are enjoying ultrafast broadband, but we don’t want to see large swathes of the country left behind on shoddy connections that aren’t suitable for modern life.

“With millions of us working from home and watching more streaming TV at the moment, a good broadband connection is more important than ever.

“One of the biggest obstacles stopping people from getting faster downloads speeds is the lack of awareness regarding superfast and ultrafast broadband.

“For example, some people on the UK’s fastest street, Dale Lane, enjoy speeds above 900Mbps, while others only get 5.5Mbps.

“And of the ten slowest streets, seven could have access to faster broadband, so we urge residents there — and anyone else unhappy with their broadband speeds — to do a quick check online to see what speeds they could be getting.”

UK’s ten slowest streets for broadband

Rank Street Name and Location Average download speed (Mbps)

1 Queens Road, Weybridge, Surrey 0.12

2 Hatchett Road, Feltham, Hounslow, London 0.38

3 Monkton, Honiton, Exeter, Devon 0.45

4 Church Street, Great Maplestead, Halstead, Essex 0.47

5 Limmer Close, Wokingham, Berkshire 0.48

6 Waterley Bottom, North Nibley, Dursley, Gloucestershire 0.49

7 Spencer Road, Caterham, Surrey 0.55

8 Ringhaddy Road, Killinchy, Newtownards, Northern Ireland 0.62

9 Fishtoft Drove, Frithville, Boston, Lincolnshire 0.66

10 Sopwith Crescent, Wimborne, Dorset 0.67

UK’s ten fastest streets for broadband

Rank Street Name and Location Average download speed (Mbps)

1 Dale Lane, Appleton, Warrington, Cheshire 639.67

2 Longhedge, Caldecotte, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire 568.18

3 Old Ballynahinch Road, Lisburn, Northern Ireland 563.85

4 Montvale Gardens, Leicester, Leicestershire 452.02

5 Mill Close, Henlow, Bedfordshire 360.59

6 York Road, Guildford, Surrey 352.67

7 Chapel Road, Oldbury-on-Severn, Gloucestershire 284.92

8 Woodcroft Road, Liverpool, Merseyside 282.21

9 Cairn Wynd, Inverurie, Scotland 276.40

10 Sandy Hamilton Place, Inverurie, Scotland 253.17

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