South London boroughs most likely to be hit by storms today

Sweltering temperatures and thunderstorms are set to continue after causing major disruption in parts of the UK this week, but just how likely is thunder and lightning to hit your south London borough?

A yellow storm warning has been issued for the whole of England, Wales and areas in Scotland by the Met Office, meaning those regions could see flooding and power cuts from Wednesday afternoon until the end of the week.

The Met Office has warned of potential damage to buildings from lightning strikes or strong winds and a chance of travel disruption due to flooding.

It also warns of 30 to 40mm of rain falling in less than an hour in some places, and chief meteorologist Steve Ramsdale said in some areas “exceptional rainfall totals could be seen of 60 millimetres in an hour with a very small chance of 150 millimetres of rainfall in three or four hours.”

But the heatwave in southern England is set to continue, with London and the south east expecting temperatures of up to 36C (96.8F) on Wednesday.

Surrey Comet:

With thunder and lightning in London more than a likely possibility, we’ve compiled the list of south London boroughs most likely to be hit by storms.

The data lists each borough’s ‘chances of thunder’.


Storm risk for Wednesday, August 12


SE London:

Greenwich: 80%

Lewisham: 77%

Bexley: 77%

Kingston upon Thames: 72%

Dartford: 77%

SW London:

Sutton: 85%

Croydon: 65%

Merton: 72%

Wandsworth: 77%

Richmond: 72%

Kingston: 77%


Storm risk for Thursday, August 13


SE London:

Greenwich: 58%

Lewisham: 77%

Bexley: 39%

Kingston upon Thames: 78%

Dartford: 39%

SW London:

Sutton: 41%

Croydon: 62%

Merton: 77%

Wandsworth: 33%

Richmond: 36%

Kingston: 39%

It comes after torrential rain and lightning lashed large parts of Scotland causing flooding and travel disruption on Tuesday evening.

Perth and Kinross, the Lothians, Forth Valley and the north east were among the most affected by overnight lightning strikes and heavy downpours.

Surrey Comet:

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service confirmed it was called to multiple reports of flooding in the Perthshire area, affecting many properties.

Vehicles were recovered from busy roads after they were abandoned and there were reports of internet services being disrupted.

Ten properties in Lancashire were also affected by flooding following overnight storms, according to the Environment Agency.

Similar conditions are expected to be seen in parts of Northern Ireland, England and Wales from Wednesday afternoon.

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