Sharp rise in new Covid cases in Kingston

New infections of Covid-19 rose sharply in both Kingston and Epsom recently according to the latest data released by Public Health England (PHE).

The neighbouring boroughs at the south west edge of London both saw significant increases in the number of new cases they reported in the seven days up to October 17 as per the PHE data.

In Kingston, there were 754 new Covid-19 cases over the period, up 108 or 16.7 per cent on the previous figure.

The borough’s infection rate stood at 420.9 cases per 100,000 people, which was under the UK-wide average of 465.4.

The data follows health leaders’ concerns regarding the government’s strategy at handling the virus and the current pressures on NHS services.

The government however insist that existing strain on NHS workers due to the pandemic and other pressures does not yet necessitate changing their current ‘Plan A’, which revolves around booster vaccines but no extra measures such as mandatory mask wearing or restrictions on indoor gatherings.

He added that we are seeing “high levels of infection” but suggested they were not outside the parameters of what was predicted. “But it’s very important that people do follow the guidance on general behaviour, on being cautious, on wearing masks in confined places where you’re meeting people you don’t normally meet. Wear a mask, wash hands, ventilation, all that kind of thing, but also get your booster jab, and that’s the key message that we want to get across,” he said.