Police plead with drivers following surge of reckless driving

Police have had to enforce thousands of speeding offences following the rise in speeding over the last few months.

Officers from the roads and transport policing command say, between March 24 and May 20, they have enforced 6,379 speeding offences on London Roads.

This is up 119 per cent from last year, where 2,916 drivers were enforced for speeding in the same period.

Within this surge of reckless driving, extreme speeding enforcement has also risen by 181 per cent, with 2,471 drivers having been caught driving at excessive speeds.

Since the start of Covid-19 restrictions, there have been 12 fatal collisions due to speeding.

Detective Superintendent Andy Cox, of the RTPC, said: “It’s not just extreme speeding that can cause a risk of serious and fatal collisions.

“With any speeding over the limit, you are increasing the risk of a collision, possibly a fatality, and adding unnecessary pressure on the NHS at this challenging time.

“Let alone the risk of causing devastation to bereaved families left behind; if you are caught speeding, you risk losing your licence.

“This has a knock-on effect on your ability to travel and if you need your licence for work, it may result in you losing your job and have added financial burden.

“Speeding can have devastating consequences and every time you recklessly put your foot down, you are posing risk to other road users and your own life.

“It really is simple, slow down and save lives.”

Surrey Comet | Kingston