Kingston Hospital appeal as thousands given Covid jab

Kingston Hospital’s charity are appealing for donations to help support the NHS Trust amid surging coronavirus rates and deaths in London even as they roll out thousands of vaccinations for the community.

The NHS Foundation Trust announced it had vaccinated the 3000th person — hospital worker Azmal — against Covid-19 on site on Friday (January 8) as part of a vaccination drive it is helping spearhead in the borough.

“Over the past 2 weeks, we’ve been offering the COVID-19 vaccine to our NHS staff, local care home staff, vulnerable patients and those over the age of 80.

“Today, Azmal, who works with patients on the wards in our catering team, was the 3,000th person vaccinated at our hospital,” a spokesperson said on Twitter.

The news came as Kingston Hospital Charity urged people to support the hospital staff and their herculean efforts on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic in the form of donations.

In an online JustGiving donations page that has seen various community efforts pool over £35,000 in donations for Kingston Hospital, the charity reflected on what that support had meant to its staff and urged residents to consider donating once more.

“While we all welcome the roll-out of the vaccine that is now underway, the hospital is facing its toughest ever test this winter.

“The ongoing pandemic is creating very significant additional pressures and measures are in place to continue to support our staff in line with the hospitals commitment to their physical and mental health and wellbeing,” a spokesperson said.

“The hospital is continuing to play a central role in responding to the coronavirus crisis and we are very grateful for the wonderful response we received from across our community during the first national lockdown last spring.

“This meant a great deal to our staff at such a challenging time and really helped with boosting morale and providing added extras.

“With the funds raised we have been able to provide much needed rest areas across the hospital, new showers, purchasing of meals, healthy snacks and essential grocery boxes as well as a dedicated team of psychological support workers,” they added.

At least 216 frontline health and care workers have been identified by the PA news agency after dying with coronavirus, while the total figure is thought to be higher with other names of the deceased not in the public domain.

To donate to Kingston Hospital Charity, click here.

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