Is The Pret A Manger Barista Subscription worth your money? by Roma Patel, Wimbledon High School

Pret A Manger has created a new scheme called YourPret Barista which is thriving right now. YourPret Barista is a subscription which allows you to enjoy 5 drinks a day (which includes teas, coffees, smoothies etc…) for £20 a month with your first month free. The question many people are wondering is if this is too good to be true? Is this a scam? Many are only on the subscription for the first month where it is free. 

During the lockdown Pret suffered severely, and in July wanted to permanently close 30 stores and cut more than 1,000 jobs. Hence currently they have introduced the barista scheme to recover from the economic crisis they went under due to COVID-19.  The scheme has been very successful especially in Pret Wimbledon where there is a constant queue for coffees and drinks, with many also buying food multiple times a day. 

This subscription has left the rival coffee shops around Pret empty like Starbucks. This subscription is great and affordable for students, workers and all of the community. But many of us are asking how can Pret afford to be giving away all these drinks, and how are they benefitting from this?  What is the catch?

Customers in Wimbledon Pret on the Subscription give insights to their experience:

“I go there weekly, two or three times a week. And yes, its 100% worth it, the drinks are really nice and good quality” 

A second added “I think it’s fantastic, there’s a good variety of coffees for people to try and gives you the opportunity to try things you might not have before”

Pret has also shown to be eco friendly even in the pandemic and during their barista scheme where they have a constant flow of customers. They follow the zero-landfill policy and make sure customers are able to recycle cans and bottles. Not only do they follow this policy but they also follow a pledge called “Prets Plastic Pledge” to ensure the products are 100% recyclable and compostable. They have also tried to eliminate all single-use plastic where not needed (plastic forks, spoons, knives are not welcome.)

The Pret A manger, YourPret Barista scheme, has proven to be a genuine scheme with only benefits, no catch. Because of the subscription, going to Pret has become a daily routine of many. Even after the free trial is over many people will continue to go there and buy drinks  they never would have before. This subscription allows you to try the different drinks without wasting money. This scheme not only benefits Pret (after the depreciation of economy after COVID-19) but also the community. Join the scheme to help your local Pret a Manger.

Surrey Comet | Kingston