George Floyd: Black Lives Matter protests to come to New Malden

A peaceful protest will be taking place in New Malden High Street as part of the Black Lives Matter movement this Sunday (June 7).

The protest comes after, George Floyd, 46, was killed by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Monday, May 25.

Footage of his death in police custody sparked waves of protests in the US and all across the world, with thousands of people taking part across the UK, with the most recent being at Hyde Park.

Now, the people of New Malden will take on a socially distanced, ‘no march’ protest, to show solidarity with George Floyd, on June 7.

The peaceful demonstration will start at 1 pm, starting with protestors finding a spot against a wall, all along the high street so that people can walk past and maintain a 2 mm distance.

Surrey Comet:

Protesters will then begin to kneel for 8 minutes and 46 seconds in solidarity with George Floyd, followed by chants, which organisers plan to lead.

Organisers say, the police have been contacted after several residents raised concerns about whether the protest will remain peaceful.

One of the organisers, Vaisnavi Ravichandran, said: “A lot of people I know in this community have experienced racism, we all feel so passionately about this.

“It is imperative that we use our voice to make this fight heard, because we have tried everything and nothing has worked.

“This is years and years of oppression that many people are only noticing now.

“This movement is fundamental to every single country, in all corners of the world.

Surrey Comet:

Speaking about safety precautions, Vaisnavi Ravichandran, added: “This is first and foremost a peaceful protest so if you have no intent on adhering to the measures I am taking, please do not come.

“I wish it could be more but I do not want anyone to be arrested and I don’t want people’s health compromised.

“This is specifically for our people who cannot go to Central London and are at a higher risk of Covid.

“Stand in unity and let us be seen and heard for the injustices faced by our black community every single day.

“I hope this brings to light the remnants of centuries of injustice and the oppressive systems and abuse we experience today all across the world.”

Protesters have been asked to wear red, bring gloves, anti-bacterial gel, sign’s, water and most importantly their voice.

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